Moraar Brochure

Passoni Nature asked us to produce an inspirational and throughly eco-friendly brochure to promote their new line of 100% sustainable chairs and tables designed by iarchitects.


We went for a 9-panel concertina fold to avoid the use of any binding. We selected a recycled, post-consumer waste paper with a gorgeous matte finish. The dimensions of the paper were calculated to the millimeter in order to have virtually zero waste. The whole thing was printed using specially-sourced vegetable-based inks.

No trees were harmed in the making of this brochure…

But the real treat are the covers: 4mm thick panels of beautiful walnut wood, which we were able to reclaim from the off-cuts of the chair production. After the panels were laser-carved, we individually hand-painted them with a solvent-free oil made from oranges.
The studio smelled of orange for days!
P.S. The wooden covers were applied to the brochure using a special food-based glue free of formaldehyde.