Our client had great ideas and big ambitions for his new luxury materials business, but he needed help to turn it into a successful brand. So we helped create a narrative and a personality, define a tone of voice and then communicate about luxury and quality in a new way.


When Licio Mangione approached us seeking help with the creation of a new brand for his gem-dealing business, it was clear that this was a client prepared to think outside the box.
In a sector dominated by conservative thinking, especially with regards to communication, Mangione pursues a creative approach and fully understands the power of ideas for business success.

Beginning with a strategic audit we developed a branding platform which would position Gemsign as a market leader and a truly modern organisation.
This platform was extended into the development of a logo, business stationery, brochure, website, packaging and sales tools.

A multi-faceted identity

The identity draws inspiration from the amethyst quartz, which is purple and, in its natural state, presents triangular crystals which fade to white.
The S in Gemsign is a Delta, which is the scientific symbol for change, a concept fully embodied by the Gemsign approach, that always aims to find better ways of doing things.

Gemsign Branding and Communications

A plethora of applications

Accurate positioning and a refined identity enabled a consistent yet differentiated implementation on a wide range of applications (packaging, marketing collateral, digital, brochures, sample holders, press-pack, merchandising, environments).

A successful launch strategy, which culminated in an inaugural trade show of the new brand, included the design of a new booth.

Project in collaboration with Oliver Davies