Freestyle Magazine

Personal friend and photographer Jason McGlade came to us one day with an old fashion magazine,  which he had cut into a round shape with a carpenter’s saw and stuck inside a frisbee.  His idea was to create a magazine that would challenge photographers and designers with a format they were not used to.

The Death of Print??

For the latest issue of the maga… ahem, book-zine we wanted to explore the relationship between digital and analog. In an era where traditional publications are either going digital or shutting down, we were fascinated by how these two realities can integrate and even enhance each other.
Issue 4 comes with its companion Augmented Reality iOS app, designed for iPhone and iPad. This issue’s cover is made to look like a 7-inch 45 rpm vinyl (the quintessence of analog). By pointing the device’s camera at the frisbee, the app makes the frisbee/vinyl spin and play music.

The FreeStyleMagazine APP pushes the boundaries that define what a print magazine can do.
At a time when people are proclaiming the death of print we are developing new ways to embrace digital technology and make it work for us and not against us.

The roundest magazine in the world!

Designing to a round format is such a challenge. You fully realise how everything from photographic formats to typography, including the very act of writing, are made to work with a rectangular layout.
But when you adapt to this new way of designing –and thinking– you start seeing round shapes anywhere and everything becomes an inspiration.