Fashionbi is a data and insights provider for the fashion industry. It lets brands track their brand perception data and compare it with that of other brands. Custard Studio has been helping Fashionbi with design and user experience.

The facts behind the fashions

Being both a unique service and a player in a very competitive arena, Fashionbi needed a strong and fresh user experience as well as whole range of communication materials that would successfully convey its benefits and features.

Custard Studio provided the art-direction for the project. A modern and intuitive user interface was designed to give brand managers and consultants easy access to the myriad of data and the impressive comparing capabilities of the service.
We then created a compelling motion graphics video to promote the service online.

Search for anything

The powerful central search form, which greatly simplifies the process of finding what you need, uses a simple and intuitive user interface.

Intuitive steps

After some iteration we came up with a fluid and simple 3-step process for creating a brand comparison.


The Fashionbi UI is built on a series of customizable components which sit on a fluid grid. The components can be used in their own locations, or “starred” to create a personalized user dashboard.

Anatomy of a Fashionbi component

Most components display the main value –either as a numeric value or as a graphical gauge, a comparison bar where you can visualise, at a glance, how your brand is doing compared to the others in the group, and an indication of the trend, with a comparison with the previous month’s performance.
By clicking on the arrow button, you can expand the component and dig into the performances of the rest of the brands in the group.