Cerved Universal

How do you make massive changes easier to digest for customers?

Leading up to their IPO, we worked closely with Cerved to help users understand what was changing.
This is  a video we created to announce the launch of the new website, and to communicate and explain changes to the login system and access to the web-apps.

Old dog, new tricks

Cerved is the leading provider of Business Information in Italy. For over two years we have been advising them on all aspects of User Experience and digital communication. When the company went public, it went through some radical changes, including a rebrand and a digitalisation of all their services.

One of the most delicate moments was the introduction of what became to be known as “Cerved Universal”: a new, unified website encompassing the whole offering and all the business lines, and single sign-on system for all their disparate web apps.

This video was only one part of a wider campaign to help users transition to the new system.