Bug 18

A multi-purpose location we created together with other design professionals. A kind of co-working space for like-minded people and a venue for events.

Space for…

When we set out to create –and consequently brand– BUG18 we weren’t sure what the focus of the venue should be. We knew we wanted to attract talented professionals, but we also certainly wanted bigger companies to use the space for events. We wanted to organise talks and exhibitions, but it could also be just a place to come and relax for a while during busy Design Week.

As we realised that we couldn’t pin down what the space was actually for, we decided that this could be a strength rather than a weakness.
We created the “Spazio per…” concept.  It translates as “Room to…” or “Space for…” which we thought encapsulated perfectly the spirit of the studio.

Space for what?

The whole identity and the marketing material are centered around the “spazio per…” concept. Each piece has the “spazio per…” tagline, followed by four suggestions of what you can do here, and what you will have space for.
We complemented this concept with a very broad and flexible colour palette.