Alberto Guardiani

A new website and e-commerce for the Italian footwear fashion brand Alberto Guardiani: we introduced a new typographic language to the brand, as well as a few tricks to integrate the website and the e-commerce.

Make way for colour

Personality is the one thing that an Alberto Guardiani collection is not lacking. Both the style and the use of colour are always very bold and full of character.
The website we designed for them uses no colour whatsoever, in order to leave the stage to the products.

Easy to browse on any device.

We took a more thought through approach to the responsive experience. We didn’t just want the content to adapt for different devices, but we sat and thought about how different audiences, in different situation and on different devices would consume the content.
The solution was to create a slightly different experience for each device, with a different focus depending on whether the viewer was browsing from desktot, tablet or mobile.

Buy from anywhere

Alberto Guardiani is often published and mentioned in articles and fashion editorials, as well as –obviously– their own ad campaigns and videos.
We wanted to have a system whereas the user could identify the model featured in the image or video, find out  about it and buy it.
We came up with a cross-tagging system that places a widget with anywhere a product is mentioned or featured, with a link to the e-commerce.

Easy filters

Each collection is different and may have different features to filter products by. A system of flexible tags enables content curators to quickly create filters for each segment of the collection.